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Flood Control

The Solano County Water Agency is active in Flood Control and Drainage Planning.  The Agency’s involvement in flood control can be classified in two areas:

  1. Solving flood control problems using the existing SCWA flood control/drainage project grant program; and
  2. Coordination and development of a regional solution through the development of an overall Watershed Management Plan (WMP).

SCWA has a flood control grant funding program to address short term flood control needs.  This grant program aims to help fund critical flood control problems on a small-scale, local, level.  The grant funding is made available to local landowners in need of assistance in managing the runoff generated on their property.

SCWA participates in developing an overall WMP with local cities and agencies.  SCWA assists in the coordinating, planning, and initial study efforts, as well as the technical data collection, modeling, engineering, and construction of such projects.  The Agency also works to develop pilot projects with local agencies to integrate into an overall WMP.

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