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Agricultural Water Conservation Committee

Agriculture Water Conservation Committee

The Agricultural Water Conservation Committee assists growers in Solano County with irrigation management and water use efficiency at the farm level. The Committee is comprised of representatives from the Solano County Water Agency, Solano Irrigation District, Maine Prairie Water District, Reclamation District 2068, Dixon Resource Conservation District, Solano Resource Conservation District, U.C. Cooperative Extension, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Activities of the Committee include:

  • Operation of eight automated weather stations for use by growers for irrigation scheduling and farm management. Weather information is accessable by website or telephone.
  • Weather website with local agricultural irrigation information, available at
  • Weather forecast services focusing on Solano County. The comprehensive agricultural forecast is available daily, at a cost of $120/year.
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Soil sensor installations and training
  • Irrigation System Evaluations
  • Irrigation Scheduling services
  • Pump Efficiency Testing
  • Annual Irrigation Efficiency Workshops
  • Annual newsletter, “The Irrigator”
  • Spanish language workshops

For information, call Paul Lum, Irrigation Specialist, Solano Irrigation District, or call (707) 455-4024.

Irrigator Newsletter 2019

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