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Commercial Customized Rebates

Customized Water Efficiency Rebate Program

The Customized Water Efficiency Rebate Program is a partnership between SCWA, its member agencies, and large water-using customers working to improve water use efficiency. The water savings potential of individualized projects helps Solano businesses, commercial properties, and institutions achieve their efficiency goals. These efforts encourage economic expansion in the region and improve water supply reliability throughout Solano County.

Potential participants must first receive a SCWA water use efficiency survey (at no cost to the participant) to determine the potential for water savings at the site. Acceptance into the program will be based on the findings and recommendations outlined in the water survey report. Sites are eligible if the survey findings indicate that repairs or upgrades to the site irrigation system would likely significantly increase water use efficiency at the site. See Customized Rebate Terms and Conditions for full programs details.

Potential participants should contact, Download the Application Form.



Terms and Conditions

Business Water Savings Survey

This is a FREE service to local businesses, provided to help you conserve water. It could result in savings on your water bill, sewer bill, and potentially on your energy bill.


The surveys will be performed by SCWA-contracted water use specialists who will come out to your business location.

The indoor survey will include the following services (as appropriate):

  • Search for hidden water leaks
  • Identify high water using appliances and fixtures
  • Provide high-efficiency toilets at a later date (where feasible)

Outdoor Survey

The outdoor survey will include the following, where feasible:

  • Evaluate your irrigation system efficiency
  • Review of your irrigation controller’s programming
  • Provide a rain sensor on request

Schedule an Appointment

Email or  to schedule a free water survey of your place of business.

Commercial Toilet Rebate Program

Solano County Water Agency is offering  commercial customers a rebate of up to $300 to replace your old high water use toilets with new High Efficiency Models.



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