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HCP Special Reports

Status and Distribution of Contra Costa Goldfields in Solano County

Appendix A-Maps:

Appendix B – Population Study Site Photos

Appendix C – Vegetation Analysis Photos

Appendix D – Population Genetic Analysis of Lasthenia Conjugens (Contra Costa goldfields) Populations in Solano County

Appendix E – Seed Bank Study Photos

Appendix F – Contra Costa Goldfields Habitat Photos


Salmonid Habitat Assessment


Guidebook for Project and Regional Conservation Planning

Designing Monitoring Programs in an adaptive Management Context for Regional Multiple Species Conservation Plans

Conceptual Models Presentation

Preserve and Open Space Conservation Value Assessment

Swainson’s Hawk Population and Habitat Use Assessment

California Natural Diversity Data Base Records Status Evaluations

Economic Evaluation of the Solano Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan/Natural Community Conservation Plan

Surveys for Giant Garter Snakes in Solano County:2005 Report

Surveys for Giant Garter Snakes in Solano County:2004 Report

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