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LPCCC Reports

Putah Creek Reports and Documents

Lower Putah Creek Watershed Restoration Project

The Putah Creek Accord

Putah Creek Nestbox Survey Annual Report 2021 UC Davis Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology.

Results of October 2020 Lower Putah Creek Fish Surveys by TRPA Fish Biologists

Geographical Distribution of Fish Species Found in Putah Creek – March 16, 1992

Compilation and Graphic Plots of Available Lower Putah Creek Water Temperature Data, Water Years 1992-2016

Long-term rehabilitation of a native freshwater fish assemblage in California. Author Emily Jacinto 2020.

Photo Time Series from Railroad bridge 2011-2018 Winters Putah Creek Park. Ken Davis 2018

Putah Creek Terrestrial Wildlife Monitoring Report 1997-2009. UC Davis.

Putah Creek Library and Bibliography. Links and abstracts to more than 150 reports and journal articles related to Putah Creek.

Putah Creek Nestbox Highway 2020 Annual Report – UC Davis Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology

Results of October 2019 lower Putah Creek fish surveys (FINAL) by TRA Fish Biologists. Author Tim Salamunovich.

Putah Creek Electrofishing Report 2018 Salamunovich.

2020 Lower Putah Creek Gravel Bed Scarification. Final Report (Amended). Author Ken W. Davis.

Late Winter and Spring 2018 Juvenile Chinook Salmon Snorkel Surveys on Lower Putah Creek – Final Report. by Normandeau Associates. Author Tim Salamunovich.

2021 Pleasant Creek Rock Vane Stabilization/Revegetation Project Final Report. Author Brian Keeley.


Pleasants Creek 2013 report




2017 Normandeau Electrofishing Report for LPCCC
APDX-D.WPCP Phase III Permits_02192015
L8AD.WPCP-Plans.PHASE 1 6-13-11
L8AD.WPCP-Plans.PHASE 2 6-13-11

WPCP – Temp (1-year)
Water Temp Study
FINAL REPORT_Putah Ck Terrestrial Wildlife Monitoring Pgm 1997-2009_9-1-10
MAP VOL_Putah Ck Terr Wildlife Mntg Pgm 1997-2009_7-11-11
1600-2011-0100-R2 Final Winters Putah Creek Park
1600-2015-0130-R3 Final NAWCA3 (ID 233908)
1600-2014-0265-R3 RMA – As Executed (ID 185140)
1600-2013-0258-R3 LPC 2 NAWCA Draft (ID 233910)

Fish Videos
LPCCC Annual Report 2017-2018
2018 Lower Putah Memo_Final_12 April 2019


2017 Nestbox Report
2017 Wildlife Monitoring Report

Keirnan, et al. Restoring native fish assemblages to a regulated California stream
using the natural flow regime concept. Ecological Applications, 22(5), 2012, pp. 1472–1482


Form and Fluvial Processes of Dry Creek Near Winters CA
Final Tech Memo Lower PC Regional Groundwater Influence Study
Scarification and Velocity – Report 6704
Winters Perc as fish barrier-CDFG 2007
USCOE Recon Survey Dry Creek w highlights
S12A-1.LSolano Sed Study 2013 Update (ID 66265)
S-12A-2.UCD_Peffer.SP Veg Report (ID 66279)



Ken Davis Reports

2006 Design Chanel Report 2040C. Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Design Chanel Report 2614 Upper Dry Creek. Author Ken W. Davis.2008 Design Chanel Report 2636 – Enos Creek. Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Design Chanel Report 2636 – Enos Creek. Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Report 2651 :Review of current procedures used to decontaminate wading boot and equipment. Author Ken W. Davis.

2010 Visit : Comparison between old and new Putah Creek channel – effects on invertebrate population. Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Thompson Creek (Thompson Canyon) sediment load. Author Ken W. Davis.

2764-Pickerel2008 Loss of invertebrate Community at Pickerel after ponding : Report 2764. Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Quagga / Zebra Mussel “Boat Inspection” Report 2800. Author Ken W. Davis.

EmergerAdult Aquatic Insects / Avian predation 2008 Report 2977. Author Ken W. Davis.

Advanced Watercraft Decontamination (Lake Mead – October 6-7, 2008). Author Ken W. Davis.

2008 Update: Dreissenid Mussel Surveillance Monitoring in Solano System Report 2990. Author Ken W. Davis.

Impact of Dewatering in the Interdam Reach on Glossosoma, a Common Caddisfly.Author Ken W. Davis 2008.

2009 Range extension for sensitive caddisfly in two Putah Creek restoration Sites.Report 3085A. Author Ken W. Davis.

2009 Cyanobacteria at Mace Blvd. – Putah Creek Report 3339-22MAC. Author Ken W. Davis.

2010 Solano Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Brochure and Poster.Report 3523. Author Ken W. Davis.

2010 Callippe (butterfly) observations and images. Report 3567. Author Ken W. Davis.

2011 General Update – Solano System. Report 3720. Author Ken W. Davis.

2012 Invertebrate colonization – Winters River Parkway Restoration Section of Putah Creek. Report 4124. Author Ken W. Davis.

2012 Wild Trout in Putah Creek – Interderm Reach – Proposal to make films. Report 4317. Author Ken W. Davis.

2013 Putah Creek Fish (trout) Video Project. Report 4563-22. Author Ken W. Davis

2013 Images in the NAWCA Work Area. Report 4596-22CM-NAWCA. Author Ken W. Davis.

2016 Response to PEIR Comments from Mr. Jeff Tenpas. Report 5360. Author Ken W. Davis.

Post 2017 Floods – Scarification Still Necessary. Report 5554. Author Ken W. Davis.

Update – Monitoring Lake Berryessa for Dreissenid Mussels. AS OF 8/28/08, ALL MUSSEL SURVEYS IN LAKE BERRYESSA HAVE BEEN NEGATIVE.Report 2899-17A2. Author Ken W. Davis.

Flows in Putah, Thompson and Dry Creeks after the storms during the week of March 12th, 2012. Report 4080. Author Ken W. Davis.

General Field Update – regional. Report 4987. Author Ken W. Davis.

Davis_ Fish Video_Report_2013



Davis_Report 5257-Update



Davis-5394-Pleasants Creek

DavisK Surveys-2016 Eurasian Mussel – Solano Project

Davis-Salmon Monitoring 2017 – Feb


Interim 2015 Salmon Spawning Report – WPCP

KDavis – Pleasants Creek BMI Schedule and Info

KDavis- 5753-Update-2017


KDavis_2233_CleanCanal (1)

KDavis_5784-Salmon Fry_2-11-2018

KDavis_5906-Los Rios Dam Update

KDavis_6673-Post2019 High Water

KDavis_Dry Creek_Report 2009 – FINALUP

KDavis_LB Monitoring-2018-Q1 – FINAL


KDavis_6573-Undate Scarification & Salmon



KDavis_Report 4554_Project Update

KDavis_Report 5288-22MOR

KDavis_Report 6580_Salmon Update 3

KDavis_Report 6600_Miller Creek




KDavis_Update 5045_Aug 2015




Ken Davis – Report 4190 – General Update

Lower Putah Salmon – 2016 Salmon Run


Mussel Surveys – Lake Berryessa

Pickerel Weir – Report 4262

Pickerel_ 3299-22CA


Putah Cementation Study – Report 4382



Report 2151_Volunteer

Report 4855_CraigMortonLB

Sacarification-Benefits_Rep 5030

Sequential Field Presentation – SMw


Thompson Creek – 4074


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