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Small Grant Flood Control Program

Property owners also may qualify for a small grant program to help with creek vegetation removal, debris removal and limited erosion control and sediment retention.

To qualify, four criteria must be met:

  • The property owner must sign an agreement allowing the Water Agency to perform the work
  • The project must benefit more than just one property owner (typical of most cases of creek-cleaning)
  • The project must not adversely impact others downstream or upstream
  • Landowners must commit to on-going maintenance
  • Landowners are required to provide a 20% contribution to project costs in the form of cash, provision of materials or labor.

Special grant considerations and criteria:

  • Projects in which landowners contribute toward the cost of the project with cash or an in-kind donation (such as labor and materials) will be given stronger consideration
  • Studies and design are eligible for funding
  • Special criteria apply to erosion control and sediment retention projects.  The project must be on a stream that is an identified source of sediment and must directly correct a potential downstream flooding problem.  The cause of the erosion problem must be beyond the landowners’ control to correct and the project must not only protect property, but also ultimately reduce sediment.
  • Contact Kevin Young-Lai by email at or at (707) 678-1655 ext 123 or Amy King by email at or at 707-678-1655 ext 111 for more information.


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